PRIMALEX Aqua Enamel Universal

Wood & Metal

PRIMALEX Aqua Enamel Universal

PRIMALEX Aqua Enamel Universal


Available sizes:

1 L**, 0.75 L*

  • * only ready mix colours
  • **only bases

Technical data:

  • Interior and exterior use
  • Drying time 5 hours at 23°C
  • Colour: Colour card with all 8 ready-mix colours
  • Finish: High gloss and Satin **  
  • Tinting base:  Base L, D, Z
  • Composition:  Water based
  • Coverage in one layer 10m2/ l 

Key benefits

  • Hardwearing and weather resistant
  • No odour and quick drying
  • Excellent coverage
  • Very good levelling and flow
  • Easy to use



Product description

Scratch and abrasion resistant premium quality enamel with universal use in interior or exterior. Provides perfectly smooth surface with durable and tough finish. Quick drying property enables to carry on very efficient and time saving projects. Ideal for elegant high gloss or silky satin finishes. It is excellent as a replacement for solvent based products.



For final coatings on all common substrates such as metal, wood, hard PVC, plaster, concrete, ceramics etc. after suitable surface preparation. It works perfectly well on all types of renovations of existing coatings and on mineral substrates. Also suitable and safe for coating children toys and furniture.

Available colors

Green 0535 Green 0535
Red 0860 Red 0860
Yellow P620 Yellow P620
Black P1999 Black P1999
Blue P0460 Blue P0460
Brown P0250 Brown P0250
Grey P0101 Grey P0101
White P1000 White P1000