About us

About us

About PPG
We at PPG enhance and improve the world by working every day on the development of paints, varnishes and materials, which have been enjoying the trust of our customers for over 130 years now. We solve even the biggest challenges with dedication and creativity in close cooperation with our customers. 
With headquarters in Pittsburgh, USA, we are present in over 70 countries delivering innovative solutions to our customers. We supply customers in the construction industry, the consumer goods sector, the general industrial and transport segment as well as the packaging industry. 

PPG coatings and special materials help our customers to protect, improve and beautify places not only those we call home. The product range of PPG coatings is wide and diverse – covering small and large, every day and unique items. We provide paint for almost everything from vehicles, aircrafts, wind turbine blades, vessels, drinking water tanks to family homes and office building. 

Our coatings fulfil not only an aesthetic but also a functional purpose. The fact that two of three vehicles produced in Europe and North America use the technology and know-how of PPG is proof how widespread our products and services are. We can include many large, well-known manufacturers in a wide spectrum of industries as our customers.

Get to know PRIMALEX

Colour relates to business, attracts customers and differentiates brands. It is used as an indicator of quality and contemporary design. Behind every brand or product, there is a team of people, who is closely connected to it. It is also the best way to introduce PRIMALEX brand to you. Let’s have a look what Mike Brown, Director of Strategic Marketing says about it:

“As one of the leading manufacturers of decorative coatings in Europe with a wide range of strong brands PPG had an interesting challenge to decide on the core brand for our Export portfolio. Based on local research and market testing we took the decision to go with PRIMALEX, one of the leading brands in Central Europe, which is managed by a strong and experienced local team. We believe PRIMALEX is ideally positioned to meet the needs of consumers and provide our partners with an opportunity to leverage the strengths of PPG in their respective markets.”