PRIMALEX Exclusive

Walls & Ceilings

PRIMALEX Exclusive

PRIMALEX Exclusive




Available sizes:

5L, 10L, 15L


Technical data:

  • White / Base L
  • Finish:   Matt
  • Tinting bases:  White / Base L, D, Z
  • Wet scrub resistance:  Class 2
  • Composition:  Water based

Key benefits

  • Excellent coverage and wide colour offer
  • Robust and washable surface
  • Very easy to clean
  • Highly water vapor permeable
  • Easy to apply


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Product description

Premium smooth and creamy interior emulsion paint with excellent opacity and cleanability. Hygienic room air due to solvent and plasticizer-free formulation. Especially suitable for coating walls and ceilings that are exposed to high traffic such as waiting rooms, care homes for elderly, schools, nurseries etc., but also kitchens, halls, children and living rooms. Rich palette of colour shades, exclusive durable matt finish and superb application properties make this paint a popular choice for more demanding customers.


Universally usable on all common surfaces such as e.g. plasters, concrete, gypsum, woodchip wallpaper, plasterboards, gypsum plasterboards and the like.