PRIMALEX Facade Elastic


PRIMALEX Facade Elastic

PRIMALEX Facade Elastic


Available sizes:

1L, 5L, 10L


Technical data:

White / Base L, Z
Finish: Deep matt
Class EN 1062: GE3 E3 S1 V1 W2 A0
Composition: Water based

Key benefits

  • Silicon additive for long-term resistance
  • Elastic fibre reinforced 
  • Bridging cracks
  • Suitable for all mineral facades 


Product description

Exterior wall paint with excellent resistance to weather. Silicon additive insures a low soiling dry film and protection against the formation of algae mould and dirt. Bridges cracks up to 0.5mm thanks to micro fibre reinforcement. It is water-repellent with a good surface breathability. Ensure clean, dry and solid surface, free from loose and flaking material. Repair cracks and defective areas with suitable exterior putty or powder filler. Prime the surface with Primalex Primer.


Designed for renovation of all types of mineral plasters incl. insulation systems, where it bridges hair cracks perfectly, ensures long-term resistance to algae, moulds, and reduces dirty surface thanks to silicone additive content.