Children room

Children room

Children room.

It is true that children like cheerful interiors, but too many colours can overwhelm even a toddler. In an arrangement of the children's room the most important is safety, functionality and aesthetics. The interior design for a new born should include subdued colours such as beiges or pastel shades of yellow. Excessive colours, especially those that are intense, can adversely stimulate and sometimes irritate the child.

Remember to match all elements to each other so that they work together. It is possible that the guests will bring a toddler a lot of toys. So try placing them in a manner that they do not compete with an equally intense background. Let us also point out that more and more often interioir designers are departing from the division into pink and blue arrangements as those dedicated to girls and boys.

The most pleasant ones for babies are warm shades of yellow, red and orange. The beige and cream colours also have a positive effect on their mood. For slightly older children, you can consider painting the walls with colours up to a specific point - for example one meter. The effect is then visible at the height of their eyes, and at the same time we do not lose the spaciousness of the room. In addition, the same rules apply when painting adult bedrooms - we take into account the size and lighting of the room.