Blue colour introduces freshness and nature.

Blue colour is universal, works well in both modern and vintage style. Although it is rather a cool colour, it can give the interior warmth and cosiness.

Blue in ancient times symbolized immortality. It was associated with the sphere of sacrum and divinity. Currently, it brings to mind peace, harmony and freshness. It also brings associations with water, sky, holiday rest and simply puts you in a good mood. It is a fairly strong colour. If you apply it in the whole room, you will get quite bold and intense interior design. You can also stay with blue only on the accessories.

Blue colour fits perfectly with other colours. Combining it with white, silver or gold, you will create a classic, elegant interior. With red, brown or green you will get a more modern style. These are quite intense combinations, but at the same time dynamic and energetic. Blue combined with grey will look good in any arrangement. It is most often used in bathrooms, bedrooms and children's rooms. Increasingly, however, we reach for this colour by arranging a living room or kitchen.