Our tinting system

Our tinting system

Thousands of vibrant colours without compromises.

The PPG COLOR CENTRE offers the high-end tinting service you would expect. Whether water- or solvent-based, the vibrant results and the colour accuracy ensure a premium result in interior and exterior spaces, meeting even the most individual demands. 

When colour becomes a precise science…

When it comes to colour technology, you are in the best hands with PPG. Trust the competence and many years of experience of PPG and its brands in the field of professional color matching and the comprehensive know-how in the color technology.

The use of CHROMATIC SYSTEM® technology is recommended for the realization of colors to guarantee professionals the highest quality level. The performance of CHROMATIC SYSTEM® is achieved by rigor and perfect control of the hue design: research, equipment and maintenance of tinting machines. CHROMATIC SYSTEM® technology ensures the best opacity, accurate colors, perfect reproducibility, unsurpassed durability and endless color offer. The equipped outlets have a color database of 4 million colors.

PPG Tinting System is the reference for professional, precise and efficient tinting.

  • Highest color accuracy over the entire product range
  • Huge variety of colors
  • Brilliant color shades with high light resistance
  • Easy to reproduce
  • Professional color fans for the highest demands (color tone determination, light resistance data, light reference values)