Suitable coating for new building.

Suitable coating for newly constructed houses.

We have standard stucco plaster and plasterboard ceiling. What paint would you advice to use for a newly constructed house?

For the new building we would definitely recommend a qualitatively higher class of paint like PRIMALEX Exclusive or PRIMALEX OptimalIn both cases, these high-quality paints are excellent dry scrub resistance PRIMALEX Exclusive is suitable for use to the wet conditions since it is washable.

For the future repeated painting, you will appreciate their ability to apply a higher number of layers without scratches and peeling risks. PRIMALEX Exclusive is tintable into thousands of colour shades in PPG Colour Center. Please check our Tinting Centers at www.primalex.eu in section "Where to buy".

Important point for the painting of new constructed house is to penetrate the substrate according to the instructions. If you subsequently use the recommended materials, penetration will not be required for further painting. Follow the instructions and see "Technical Data Sheet", which can be found at individual products on our website in "Choose a product" section.