When painting interior.

When painting interior.

When painting interior.

At first glance, it seems that you cannot spoil too much when painting yourself and easily save some money demanded by a professional. However, when buying the material be sure what you can manage yourself and what not. In particular, the selection of shades and choice of suitable paint requires painting experience. Consultation with an expert is worth in this regard, because the choice of paint is an alpha and the omega of successful painting.

Some paints are sold at very affordable prices, have great parameters and are suitable for less experienced painters, however, when purchasing paint products, the cheapest solution does not always pay off because it might not bring the expected effect and will need to be repaired or repeated. The choice of shade is up to you, but always try the quality of the paint. This is the only one that guarantees that the result will be 100% and you will not have to paint again next year.

We recommend washable paints with the so-called Wet Abrasion Resistance. If the walls are very often marked with fingertips or splashes, you can easily remove the dirt using a sponge and water with a detergent and you will not get any damage. If you have children or pets, you will appreciate the benefits of washable walls every day. The washable paints will last longer and you do not have to scratch or penetrate the walls when you paint next time. You save both time and money.

What is good to know when choosing the paint?

• Not every colour is suitable for each substrate and use.

• Paint varies also in abrasion resistance and washability.

• Some materials create shiny surfaces and others matt.

• Each paint has a different coverage.

• Calculation and consumption plan are important issues. It saves costs.

• Consider the condition of the surface you are going to paint and what kind of room.

• Mixing the same shade yourself for subsequent repair is not easy. Use PPG Color Center just to be safe.

White or coloured?

Pastel shades, colour combinations, stripes and other shapes or special techniques are enjoying a growing popularity, but many prefer the purity and simplicity of the white painting.

Some people say white is not a real colour. However, white gives interior a friendly and clean atmosphere. It works well on wall with different structured surface, resulting in light and spacious interior. Moreover, it matches perfectly with furniture and accessories of natural materials such as wood. Walls occupy large areas, so you should have their colour chosen with care and respect to all other family members, their tastes, lifestyle and personal needs. Warm colours work optimistically: The light shades optically lighten and expand space. Dark shades narrow the room, reduce but also clearly define its purpose.

Cold colours feel cool: They create the impression of purity, freshness, calmness and are usually used in bedrooms and offices. Their bright shades optically expand the space; however, darker shades should be used only in large and sunny rooms.