How to fight rust?

How to fight rust?

How to fight rust?

Rust is the natural enemy of all metal objects. Over time, iron fences, garden furniture or galvanized roofs are subject to corrosion, and as a result, they lose their shine and charm. However, there are ways that allow you to effectively protect metal surfaces from the adverse effect of rust.

On the shop shelves with paints and varnishes, you can find specialized anticorrosive primers that create a hard, yet flexible coating, providing an excellent barrier against destructive corrosion. Modern enamels prevent the formation of rust and emphasize the elegant appearance of metal objects. Remember, however, that these enamels should be applied to surfaces previously primed with anticorrosion primers, as this increases their durability and thus the service life.

Before you start decorative painting of metal objects, prime the substrate with an undercoat paint PRIMALEX Metal Primer, which will stop the corrosion process and additionally strengthen and protect the metal against weather conditions. Anti-corrosive primers under PRIMALEX brand are one-component, anti-corrosive solvent- or water-based paints, whose task is to cover metal surfaces with a hard, yet flexible coating, providing protection against corrosion. The primer additionally strengthens the resistance of the painted elements which reduces the risk of deformation.

In order for the undercoat to effectively protect steel objects, it is essential to properly prepare the surface. Small dirt, dust and greasy stains is enough to remove using detergent and a damp cloth. For difficult, flaky or rusty surfaces, you can use a wire brush, sandpaper or a grinder. Only the cleaned and dried substrate will ensure proper adhesion of the final paint coatings. The primers are available in universal white colour with a matt finish.

For comprehensive protection of metal objects or steel elements, they should be covered with PRIMALEX Enamel (solvent- or water-based), which will additionally protect the surfaces from harmful atmospheric conditions and ensure colour durability and aesthetic gloss.

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